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Payroll Deduction for Assistantships

VOLUME I:               Policies Related to Student Financial                


SUBJECT:                 Payroll Deduction for Assistantships


SOURCE:                   Bursar’s Office and Accounts Receivable


DATE ISSUED:        




RATIONALE:           To establish guidelines for Graduate assistants who are eligible to use payroll deduction as a method of paying University fees not covered by their tuition waiver.       


POLICY:                    Payroll Deduction for Assistantships


Graduate Assistants (either teaching or research) are eligible to use payroll deduction as a method of paying University fees not covered by their tuition waiver. There is no additional cost for participating in the payroll deductions plan. 


A graduate tuition waiver, which is part of an assistantship, waives tuition only. The student remains responsible for all other fees including the book store and deposit accounts (first semester only), the general university fee, graduate matriculation fee, graduate activity fee, infrastructure maintenance fee, student transit fees and (if applicable) the International Sponsored Student fee.  These are all fees which may be paid for via payroll deduction.  Additionally, housing and meals (or a portion thereof) are eligible for payroll deductions for either 3/4 and full time assistantships (i.e., 15 to 20 hrs per week).


When to Apply:  Requests will not be accepted before August 15 (fall semester) or before January 15 (spring semester).  On or after these dates, it is strongly recommended that grad students apply prior to the 10th day of the semester to avoid late fees.  Payroll deductions requested after the 10th day of the semester will be subject to the appropriate late fees.




Steps for establishing payroll deduction


  1. Applications for a payroll deduction contract are accepted on-line only by clicking on the link below.  The system will check to see if you have a current assistantship and if your payroll authorization has been processed by your department.  If not you will not be allowed to apply and you should contact your department to ensure they have processed all your paperwork


  1. You will be notified by e-mail within 7 days if your application has been accepted.  The Deferment staff will divide your contract into equal bi-weekly payments, deducted each pay period from your assistantship paycheck. The bill must be paid within the same semester that the charges are incurred.   (Note:  in some cases your bill may first need to be adjusted by our Billing staff to reflect the assistantship)


  1. If a student has less than a full time assistantship, a partial payment may be required depending on the total of your fee bill charges. Staff in the Deferments area of the Bursar’s office will make that determination and will notify you by e-mail.


  1. Contracts are not adjustable, however, students may cancel their contract at any time by calling the Bursar’s Office.


It takes a minimum of two weeks to activate a payroll deduction.