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Cash Operations Remittances Workflow (eRemit) Effective March 1, 2010 Cash Operations will “go live” with a new electronic workflow process for completing cash remittances for deposits. This process is called the Cash Operations Remittances Workflow, (eRemit). This new online workflow has been developed to facilitate administration of University departments’ and regional campuses’ cash remittances for deposits, including cash, checks, wire transfers, and credit card receipts. This workflow application will eliminate paper-based processing and significantly improve accountability and controls over deposits. Departments that receive cash, checks, credit card payments or wires, must obtain access to eRemit between March 1st and March 31st.

To obtain access to eRemit, each Department Head needs to assign responsibility for two fiscal roles; the “Initiator Role” and the “Reconciler Role”. The Initiator is responsible for preparing the remittances for deposit, and the Reconciler is responsible for reviewing the deposits in FRS. The names of these individuals, and email addresses, must be submitted to Cash Operations via an online form (the Cash Operations Workflow Role Assignment form). The online form can be found on the Accounting Office’s web-site under “Accounting Forms” or, for your convenience, from the following link:

Additionally, the assigned Initiator and Reconciler must complete a brief online tutorial (10 minutes), on the use of eRemit, prior to accessing the system. The link for the required online tutorial will be provided upon receipt of a completed role assignment form. Please note: the Department Head is not required to complete the tutorial. Once the tutorial has been successfully completed, access to the eRemit for the assigned users is granted, and an email will be sent with the link to access the system.

Should you have questions, please contact Peggy Selleck, Manager of Cash Operations at 486-1678 or