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Accountability Form (C1)

Instructions for completing Accountability Form (C1) – Report of Loss or Vandalism of State Owned Property.

 This form is used subsequent to the University of Connecticut police report.

First and foremost – contact the University of Connecticut Police Department immediately if loss or vandalism of State owned items occurred on University property. If the loss or vandalism did not occur on University property, please contact local officials, to file a report

Second – within 5 days of occurence, please complete the Accountability Form. (instructions below)

  1. Complete Section (1) of the form by verifying the following information: your name, email address, and department. Please fill in your incident number, building name, room number, where property was last located, estimated property value, and reason for completing this form. (Multiple boxes can be marked on form)
  2. Complete section (2) by describing the property (name, make model, and serial number) – university tag# and PO# (if known)
  3. Complete section (3) by providing the reason or circumstances regarding this incident. Also indicate (if it was a computer or Blackberry) if any sensitive data was contained within
  4. Complete section (4) by describing the action taken to locate the property or recover costs
  5. Complete section (5) by describing the procedure to control property and prevent future losses
  6. Complete section (6) if property is recovered, please explain

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